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Applying to CLS - Q&A

I. What is the vision and mission of CLS?

CLS is a seminary that inherits and transmits the Gospel of justification by faith, and seeks to forge the servants of the Cross. 
Our objective is to equip, for the Chinese churches, the servants of God with 

(1) a deep understanding of the Gospel, (2) a keen awareness of our times, 
(3) a burning passion for mission, and (4) a genuine commitment to shepherding.

II. If I want to apply to CLS, what are the possible programs that I can choose from?
1. Master of Theology in Luther Study
2. Master of Divinity
3. 2year-Master of Divinity
4. Master of Arts in Care and Counseling
5. Certificate of Advanced Study in Theology
6. Pre-Master's Program

III. What are the entrance requirements of CLS?
1. The experience of calling: Is clear with Christ
's salvation, has been baptized or confirmed for at least two years,
has beautiful witness in life and ministry, is clear with his/her calling, 
has stable church life and ministry (full-time or lay ministry , 
and is recommended by the pastor/elder/leader of a church or Christian organization.
2. Educational Qualifications of Applications:
(1) Master of Theology program: A Master of Divinity degree recognized by CLS.
(2) Master's program: A Bachelor's degree from a university or seminary, or equivalent qualifications.
(3) Pre-Master's program: Graduation from a 2-, 3-, or 5-year junior college, or an Associate Bachelor's degree.

IV. What do I need to prepare for applying to CLS?
Applicants should submit the following material:
(1) Application form
(2) A photocopy of diploma and school transcripts 
(3) Two copies of 2-inch half-length photo taken in the past six months
(4) Autobiography (please put emphasis on your testimony of belief in the Lord and your calling, 
as well as on your purpose for applying to CLS)
(5) A recommendation letter from your church's pastor or minister, and a recommendation letter from the deacon. 
(If you are currently working as pastoral staff, you need to submit a recommendation letter from your church, 
and another recommendation letter from your federation.)
(6) Medical examination report (including reports on X-ray and blood tests)

V. What is included in the entrance exam?
1. Written exam: (1) Bible: basic knowledge of the Bible; (2) English: based on GEPT Intermediate Reading Test. 
(3) Chinese: mainly consists of a composition test.
2. Oral exam: This includes a five-minute testimony of being saved and called and a fifteen-minute interview. 
No application will be accepted if the oral exam is failed, regardless of the written test results.

VI. What is the estimated expense of studying in CLS?
Tuition: NTD 25,000
Quarters with dependents: NTD 3,360 per month
Single Quarters: NTD 7,000 per semester
Basic living expenses (food and miscellaneous): NTD 36,000 
1. The estimated cost above includes the cost for water and electricity, 
but excludes air-conditioning and water heater usage, and summer lodging.
2. The total of tuition and basic living expense is about NTD 68,000 per semester for singles.

VII. Do I need to live on campus when studying in CLS?
¡§Official students¡¨refer
s to those who are admitted after the entrance exam and have student status, including full-time and part-time students.
1. Full-time official students: The applicants need to meet the following requirements
a. All single students should live on campus.
b. All married students should live on campus, except for those who have their own housing in Hsin-Chu City or Hsin-Chu County and choose to commute to school. 
2. Part-time official students: Only those in full-time ministry can be admitted as part-time students. The applicants need to meet the following three requirements:
a. The applicant has served in a church or Christian organization for three years.
b. The applicant is approved and recommended by the Elder and Deacon Board of the church or by the organization or Federation of the church in which the applicant is working. 
c. The student stays at least one evening on campus each week.

VIII. If I can not stay on campus for personal reasons, what are the possible venues for me to pursue study in CLS? Who should I contact?
1. As non-official students at the main campus: 
If you wish to take classes in CLS without pursuing a degree or certificate, please inquire the academic office at ext. 3130 and 3132.
2. Courses at satellite campuses: 
The objective is to encourage "believers as priests" and "lifelong learning". Please inquire the Satellite Campus Division at ext. 3105 and 3161.
3. Courses in Grass Roots Mission Training Program: 
There is no age limitation or requirements on previous education. Anyone who has been baptized or confirmed for at least two years can apply. 
Please inquire the Grass Roots Mission Training Program at ext. 3106 and 3170.