CLS is a seminary of Lutheran persuasion. We treasure this theological heritage that Luther left for us and try to preserve it and re-interpret it in our modern context. We treasure it because it is biblically and theologically sound. We believe that Martin Luther was a great teacher of the Bible and Christian faith that God gave to His church. We try our best to instill Luther’s thoughts and his way of interpreting scripture and our Christian theological heritage in the students in all of our programs.


     China Lutheran Seminary was established in 1966 by a number of Lutheran missionaries who visioned the need of training quality church servants in Taiwan to lay a firm foundation for evangelical mission. The seminary is located in the intellectual cradle of Hsinchu City, compassed by the Hsinchu Science Park and two famous national universities— Ching-Hwa University and Chiao-Tung University. CLS is a community that inherits and transmits that the Gospel of justification by faith and seeks to mold and shape the servants of cross for the Chinese Church.  


Our objective is to equip the servants of God with:

1) A deep understanding of the Gospel

2) A keen awareness of our times

3) A burning passion for mission

4) A genuine commitment to shepherding